Welcome to Beadle Retrievers... 

We breed dogs for intelligence, desire, to be trainable, tractable and have superb marking ability.

Our goals are simple - we want our dogs to compete at the highest levels possible and to produce puppies that can do the same. Although we know that not all of our puppies will be placed in competition homes, we still have the same expectations of quality and performance for all puppies from our breeding program. 

We breed our dogs to have the ability to be excellent field trial dogs and great house dogs at the same time. All of our dogs have been trained for field competition.  However, with small children, the same dogs are relaxed and gentle when in the house.  Each of our dogs is not only extensively hunted, but also shares time in our home. 

In a recent breeding, we produced not only field trial dogs but also hunt test dogs, search and rescue dogs, companion dogs and last but not least, hunting dogs.  The best part about that particular breeding:  everybody who got a puppy is extremely happy with their puppy.  We take a lot of pride in knowing that the Labrador Retriever is this versatile of an animal.