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BN'S DO IT ZIPPY.STAR QAA has produced:

Beadle's Let It Be Maggie "Maggie" QAA (Star X Chopper) 14 Derby Points.

Take Me Now Or Lose Me Forever "Riggs" QAA (Star X Chopper) Ran 17 derbies, 9 placements, 5 jams, finished 15 and won 5 of his last 6 he entered. He started his qualifying career placing 2nd and becoming qualified all age! Am Win and Open 4th. At Stud, contact: Jim Schmidt 701-663-0009.

Merry Christmas VII "Missy" QAA (Star X Chopper) Am Win and Am 4th, Qualifying 2nd, 22 Derby Points.

Off Road At Kensbridge "Chevy" QAA (Star X Chopper) Qualifying back to back Wins.

Squeeze Play II "Player" QAA (Star X Chopper) 2 Amateur Wins, 2nd & 4th, qualified for the 2012 National Amateur, Qualifying Win and 19 Derby Points.
Great Job Paul Brown and Player. 2 Amateur wins and a 4th in last 3 trials!

Say Good Night Irene "Peace" QAA (Star X Chopper) Amateur 2nd, 3rd, jam Derby Points. Congratulations Chad Radt and Peace another amateur ribbon.

Choppers Premiere Issue "Holly" (Star X Chopper) Qualifying Jam.

Scotch Rock's Chivas Regal "Chivas" QAA (Star X Patton)

General's Cadillac Man "Caddy" (Star X Patton) Qualifying 4th.

Super Slam "Slam" QAA (Star X Soupy)

FC AFC Turkey Creek's Misery "Misery" (Star X Soupy) Qualified 2010 National Open.


FC Seaside's Kingfish "King" (Kuna X Chopper) Open Wins, Multiple Open Placements, Qualifying Win, 30 Derby Points. Qualified 2011 National Open. Congratulations Mark Medford and King. They have an open win, am win and two open 4ths in his last 3 trials. As of 4-22-12, King needs 1 open point to qualify for the 2012 National Retriever Championship and 2 amateur points to qualify for the 2012 National Amateur Retriever Championship.

White Knuckle Knights "Knuckers" QAA (Kuna X Weezer) Open Win and Open 4th.

Distant Island Maddie-Kat "Maddie-Kat" QAA (Kuna X Weezer) Open Jam.

Beadle's Turbo Nina "Nina" QAA (Kuna X Chopper) Open Jam and Qualifying Win.

Seaside's You're So Vain "Carly" QAA (Kuna X Chopper) Am Win. 10 Derby points.

Greymonts Road Warrior Gem "Gem" QAA (Kuna X Chopper) Qualifying Win.

Truckee's Takota "Tech" QAA (Kuna X Riggs) Qualifying 2nd, Derby Points.

Lucha Libre "Lucha" (Kuna X Riggs) Derby Points.

Windfire's Remote Start "Keyta" QAA (Kuna X Riggs) Qualifying 2nd, Derby Win.

Ho'olapu Mea Hula "Ghost" QAA (Kuna X Patton) Open Win, Am Win, Am 3rd Derby Points.

Silver Star's Cowgirl "Dallas" (Kuna X Grady) Derby Points.

Beadle's Sir Gallahad Gillie "Gillie" (Kuna X Grady) Derby Points.

TNT's Mighty Man "Mighty" (Kuna X Grady) Derby Points, US and Canada.


FC Beadle LC's Three Ring Circus "Ringo" (Nicki X 2xNAFC FC AFC Ram) Qualified 2011 National Open. Open Wins and Several All Age Placements (Open and Amateur). At Stud, contact: Janet Eisen 707-529-0142

Super Pow Wow "Pow" QAA (Nicki X Patton) Won a 43 dog qualifying @ 25 months old! Open 2nd and Am 4th.

Patton's Natural Born World Shaker "Luke" QAA (Nicki X Patton) Derby Win, Qualifying Win, 5 Open Points and 3 Am Points.

Tangle Lakes Bobby Jones "Bobby" (Nicki X Patton) Qualifying 3rd.

Serene Lakes Quacker Knacker "Nell" (Nicki X Patton) Qualifying Win, Derby Points, Master Passes.

Fowlers Perfect Storm "Storm" (Nicki X Patton) Qualifying 4th, Derby Points.


Saratoga's Secret Stash "Sarah" QAA (Lotto X Chopper) Qualifying Win, Derby Points.

Beadles Black Sabbaths War Pig "Nib" QAA (Lotto X Chopper) Amateur Jam, Qualifying 2nd and Derby Points.

As well as multiple Master Hunters.

Our girls have produced numerous Field Champions and hunt test titled dogs...MH, SH, HRCH etc.

Keep up the great work and best of luck in 2012!
Posted on 01 Apr 2012 by Beadle Retrievers
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Thanks for visiting. We will use our news sections to post our dogs' accomplishments as well as the accomplishments of the puppies we breed. Please check back soon.
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